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Candice and Josh’s Wedding – The desert shoot

The day before Candice and Josh’s wedding we adventured outside of Las Vegas to a dry lake bed to get some fun pre-wedding desert photos. Since we were already in Vegas, we decided to take advantage of the cool locations and landscape! The result was pretty stellar, I think. And we had a blast, too!

Emily’s Debutante Ball – River Oaks Country Club


Event Planner :: Angela Nix

Venue :: River Oaks Country Club

Band :: The Starlight Orchestra

Hannah and Aaron – Just For Fun

This session and these people are dear to my heart. Most of you know Hannah, because she’s the one make sure things get done around here. She answers your emails, phone calls, and generally keeps me on task 🙂 Her husband Aaron is one of my oldest friends; we’ve road-tripped together, served in various ministry projects together, and stood in each other’s weddings. I was very excited about their session because they are some crazy people! Very silly, quirky, and very much in love! Just check out the pictures below. You’ll get the idea 🙂

For this set I gave them a totally random and strange “inspiration” idea for their pose, which they had 5 seconds to intepret. First up, “Surprised Mime”.

“Sexy Robot”

“Depressed Teletubby”

“Elated Chicken”

“Kungfu T-Rex”

“Sad Monkey”

Jamie’s Maternity Portraits – St. Arnold’s Brewery

Jamie and Karl wanted something quirky and unique for their maternity portraits and I’m all about thinking outside of the box! So they decided on St. Arnold’s Brewery. After all, Karl does brew his own beer!

Natalie and Ryan – Just for fun!

Natalie is is one of my favorite wedding consultants in the whole biz! I get to work with her (and the other awesome consultants at Belle of the Ball) a lot. I was honored to make some portraits for her and her hubby Ryan back in December. Check out a few of my favorites below, and then, if you’re getting married and don’t have a planner, go to their website and shoot them an email!

You two are beautiful together. Thanks for being so cool!

Crazy Idea of the Month – Big Bend National Park

Most of my clients know that I greatly encourage thinking outside of the box when it comes to planning your engagement session. In an effort to inspire you, I’m going to start blogging a crazy new idea I have once per month. Whoever takes me up on this idea will have not only awesome portraits and a great story to tell, but serious bragging rights, because I promise never to do a shoot like it again!


Photo: Adam Baker (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

Big Bend National Park is a gorgeous and diverse park. With over 800,000 acres of desert vistas, river canyons, and mountainous terrain, it is a photographer’s dream and a perfect getaway for the adventurous couple. My idea is for you and I to take a small private plane from Houston to a small airport in the town of Terlingua, cutting the normal 10 hour travel time (by car) to a mere 3.5 hours. Then we have the option of camping in Big Bend or staying at a lodge in or near the park.

We’ll spend 2 days exploring the diverse terrain of Big Bend, capturing epic portraits along the way. Imagine you and your fiance strolling along a mountain trail at sunset while I capture an image of you from a few hundred yards away. The result is a gorgeous landscape image like one you’d see in national geographic, only you are a part of it! Or imagine a portrait of you and the one you love enjoying a swim in a secluded river, with no other human in sight. Cliff diving anyone?

These are just a few of the ideas I have to create an amazing and even more amazing and one-of-a-kind images for you! If you’re interested, or even if you want to do something similar to this but have some crazy ideas of your own, email Courtney at and we’ll set up a time for you and I to brainstorm together!

The Studio: Rebecca’s Family Portrait

We really enjoyed getting to work with this great family to get some awesome portraits at Hermann Park! They were full of personality and seemed to have a lot of fun together. Here are some of our favorite images below. Also, be sure to check out Rebecca’s responses!

Tell me what makes your family special!

My boys! I’m the only girl in the family (even our labrador is a boy) but I love it. My oldest has never met a stranger and always looks out for his baby brother and my youngest is bashful with anyone he doesn’t know but is really funny with us. The boys are 6 years apart and my oldest prayed everyday for 3 years straight for a baby brother or sister. When we told him about his baby brother, he had tears in his eyes and said “It’s a miracle!” It was the sweetest thing ever. He always tells his brother ” we are going to be buds and pals forever.”

What is your favorite way to spend time together?

Being outside! We love taking bike rides, going to parks, the zoo, picnics, the beach – anything outside!

What do you love most about the photos of your family?

We loved taking them at Hermann Park and for the first time we were able to get pictures with the whole family (usually our 2 year old is scared of having his picture taken.) It was great to get a family picture and in a place where we like to hang out as a family.

Photographer spotlight on Junebug!

Hi there! Today I’m excited to announce that a short interview with yours truly has been posted to the Photobug blog at the prestigious Junebug Weddings site! Junebug is home to some of the worlds greatest wedding photography and tons of inspiration for brides, wedding planners, and anyone in the wedding business. I’m very honored to be a part of their network, and even more honored to be featured on their blog today! Click here to read the post!

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