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Katherine and Luis’s Houstonian Wedding

Rachel and Zachary’s Royal Sonesta Wedding

Kate’s bridals

Who was with you throughout the process of finding your wedding dress?  Mom, Friend, Kelsey, Sister, Margaret, Sister-in-Law, Brittany

Did you know exactly what you were looking for in a wedding dress?  I went in thinking I wanted something fitted with delicate lace. I was willing to try on any and every dress. I told those that were with me to bring me anything they liked and I would try it on. I did not say “no” to anything before trying it on. I was very open minded!

How many dresses/locations had you tried before you finally found the perfect dress?  I went to two locations and tried on maybe 10-15 dresses.

Describe the moment you realized “this is my dress.”  I walked into the first bridal shop and saw a girl wearing a strikingly gorgeous dress, I knew it was a bit extravagant for me, but wanted to try it on anyways, because why the heck not?! I excitedly asked the stylist if I could try it on after the other bride and she said “of course!” While waiting for that dress, I put on a few styles that my friends and family suggested. Liked some, did not like others. Even though I had originally thought I wanted a fitted and delicate lace dress, none of them looked quite right. None of them were “me.” I was looking for some type of “wow factor,” that I know almost every bride struggles to find. Then I saw the smiling stylist bringing around the dress I had wanted to try! Once on, I just knew it was perfect! However, I had my reservations, because I never wear anything flashy. The exquisite applique, layers of lace and the sparkle made this dress that from a fairy tale, but I took it off thinking “I can’t pull off something this wonderful.” Even my sister, said “It’s amazing! I just never imagined you liking something so sparkly.” I am not a sparkle kind of girl and I tend to stick to dark colors and simple patterns in my wardrobe.

We then moved onto our next salon appointment. Again, I was willing to try on anything and everything, but nothing compared to the dress from the first store. I kept thinking about the big skirt, unique neckline, beautiful details and the sparkle (ohh the sparkle!) After a little bit of counsel from my friends and family, I went back to the first salon to try it on one more time. When I got into the dress for a second time, there were no more doubts! It seemed to be kismet because the dress designer happened to facetime my stylist, while I was saying that this was my dress! I got to talk with him and he was so excited to see an excited bride in one of his gowns. We called my dad to come to the salon for a final decision, and he loved it as well! Everything was falling perfectly into place. If someone were to describe what they imagined me walking down the isle in, no one would say big skirt, sparkles, or even unique appliques. However, while this dress was so different from my normal style, it was also just so perfect. It was the dress that made me feel like a bride. It made me feel so gorgeous and so uniquely me. I may not make bold wardrobe decisions in my every day life, but I was ecstatic with my bold, fairy tale dress. I felt so beautiful on our wedding day.

What do you love about your dress and how does it make you feel?  I love every detail of this dress! The “swan lake” neckline, as I like to call it, is one of my favorite parts. However, it is hard to say that with the amazing layers of lace and sparkle! I think the best way to summarize how I feel in this dress would be with two words… BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE.


Weddings in Houston Real Wedding Features

We are really excited to see TWO of our wonderful clients have their recent weddings published in Weddings in Houston magazine! These features from Danielle and Casey’s Omni wedding, and Colleen and Travis’s River Oaks Country Club wedding will be in the August issue on news stands starting in July. Pick one up today!

Rachel’s Bridals

Enjoy our favorites from Rachel’s bridal session, shot at the Julia Ideson Library, and then read below for how the process went in her own words!

Who was with you throughout the process of finding your wedding dress?  I took the woman who knows me the best, my mom. It was extremely special to share it just the two of us.

Did you know exactly what you were looking for in a wedding dress?  I knew I wanted something with straps, timeless, elegant and sophisticated. At first, I wasn’t trying on ball gowns and once I tried one on I knew I was going to be a ball gown bride. I described what I wanted as Grace Kelly meets Jackie Kennedy.

How many dresses/locations had you tried before you finally found the perfect dress?  I went to 4 different stores before I found “Berkeley,” that’s my dresses name. I tried on more dresses than I can remember, if I had to estimate over 50.

Describe the moment you realized “this is my dress.”  I put on the dress, looked in the mirror, and I knew. I locked eyes with my mom from the pedestal, and we both without saying anything at first knew it was my dress. I had a feeling when I first saw the dress it might be the one, but not until putting it on did I know. I couldn’t stop smiling, felt like a bride, and was so comfortable that I was walking around the store in the dress. I didn’t want to take it off!

What do you love about your dress and how does it make you feel?  What I love most is the beauty in its simplicity and the timelessness of my gown. It is elegant, classic, and refined. My mom had a fantastic idea to finish off the dress, and we added buttons all the way down the back to the end of the train. As well as, the addition of the belt for a bit of sparkle. It had pockets that came in so handy on the wedding day. The dress made me, and will always make me, feel on top of the world. I’ve never felt more beautiful and full of joy! I love it so much that after our wedding I put it on one Saturday, sat down and watched TV for a bit.

Baby Cameron

Photos by Associate Photographer, Anne Schmidt

Lindsey and Patrick’s Montrose Houston Engagement Photos


Photos by Anne Schmidt, Associate Photographer for Adam Nyholt

Maggi and Matt downtown Houston engagement photos

Gracilynn and Burton Houston Heights Engagement Photos

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